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Iron Woman exists to utilize powerlifting as a vehicle to create a flourishing community of strong, healthy, and empowered women. Throughout our 15 week program, athletes will be provided the resources and tools necessary for long term success in the sport. Learn more about what we can do for YOU.

Our philosophy rests on 3 pillars.


Becoming involved and progressing in this sport can be intimidating if you are unsure where to begin. Having a community of like minded individuals goes a long way towards thriving throughout this process. The camaraderie and encouragement in this sport is something to witness first hand. Experience the benefits the Iron Woman community offers on the way to reaching your goals.

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed while attempting to navigate the landscape of information available to the novice/intermediate lifter. In the constantly observed debates of powerlifting right vs wrong, our goal is to teach each athlete to be objective and recognize the middle ground. We will provide a comprehensive literacy on the many facets required to thrive in this sport long term.

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Don’t leave your progress to chance and countless years of trial and error. Athletes will be guided through a complete multi-phase training cycle preparing them for a final skill test at the conclusion of the program. Programming will progress as the athlete progresses, while catering to each individual’s experience level and schedule.

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Meet the coaches

Leanna Carr

BS Biology, BS Psychology, MS(c) Sports Psychology

Raw Powerlifter-USAPL

2016 Spokesmodel Finalist

Natural Pro Figure Competitor

Juggernaut, Universal USA, Barbell1, Lynx Barbell

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Brian Minor

MS Health and Exercise Science

Raw Powerlifter-USAPL

Natural Pro Bodybuilder

Online training and nutrition consultant

Consultant: De Novo Consulting

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